When handed a copy of your contact lens prescription, it is easy to be a bit overwhelmed. After all, to the layman it looks like a random series of numbers and letters. Of course, each group of letters and numbers correlates to a specific measurement that your eye care professional took of your individual eye. Once each detail is explained, you will have no trouble understanding your prescription.

Here is a sample prescription below. Using your cursor, you can find an explanation for each detail on the right side of the box.

Additionally, because there is such a wide array of lenses available today, your prescription will also include specific information about your brand of lenses. In particular, it may address how often your lenses need to be replaced, whether it is once a month, every two weeks, or even every day (although you may just be told during your lens fitting). While each brand may have information available about how long you can wear the lens, your particular situation may vary, so it is always best to follow the recommendation of your eye care professional.
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